The Cambridge Security Advantage

When it comes to protecting your people and property, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Choosing the right security firm requires careful consideration. Trusted for more than 30 years, Cambridge Security has a reputation for providing security services of the highest quality at affordable pricing. From security officers to security consulting to investigative services, our security firm is an excellent choice to meet all your organization’s security needs.

What Makes Us Different to Other Security Firms?

  • Responsiveness and Reach
  • Access to Management Team at All Times
  • Five -Tier System of Supervision and Accountability
  • Selective Recruitment and Training Process
  • Site Preparation and Readiness
  • State-of-the-Art National Command Center
  • Extensive National Network with Single Point of Contact

Responsiveness and Reach

Twenty four hours a day:Seven Days a week


Security challenges tend to make their own hours. As a result, our clients need us—in one capacity or other—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when they grow, they expect us to grow with them.

National Command Center (NCC)

A state-of-the-art communications hub staffed by seasoned professionals, the NCC enables us to respond immediately to changing client needs day or night. These can include additional security at a plant or building, an urgent need for secure transport, or a response to a security emergency.

National Network

Cambridge Security pioneered the practice of developing contacts and resources among local police and sheriff’s departments, security consultants, law enforcement agencies, investigative firms and private security companies to build a national service for our clients. We have assembled a network of approximately 3,500 police officers and 650 security companies — all trained and evaluated according to our specifications — poised to respond to client situations across the U.S. either as part of a coordinated strategy or on an as-needed basis.

Single Point of Contact

Together, the NCC and the National Network provide our clients and our employees with a single point of contact for responding to and managing all their security needs ­from the mundane to emergencies any time, any place.