Residential Security Services

Security for Apartments, Condos, Co-ops and Residential Communities

Cambridge Security has specialized in providing highly qualified and courteous residential security professionals to residential environments for over 25 years. These services range from high-level concierges and doormen to uniformed officers. We can also supplement our human presence with technology solutions, such as electronic surveillance, biometric readers, and card access.


While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our concierges and doormen also take every opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life. They are the face of your building. They not only monitor guest traffic and enforce residential conduct codes, but can also assist with receiving packages, hailing cabs and other personal services. Each of our professionals undergoes criminal-record checks and drug screening and has a confirmed employment history.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling a resident when a parking lot patrol finds a flat tire or notifying maintenance of burnt-out light bulbs in stairwells. This dual focus results in residences that are not only safe and secure, but also well maintained.

Gated Communities

Quaint as it often looks, the guard house at the entrance to a gated community functions as the development’s nerve center. The security officers inside must not only manage a complex stream of visitors, deliveries and resident requests, but do so in a way that reflects the community’s personality and prestige.

Of course, setting the right tone starts with assigning the right personnel. That’s why Cambridge Security employs a four step selection process that includes an on-site orientation and training program. By investing time and resources in quality officers, Cambridge Security can provide communities with the continuity so essential to providing quality service.

Once assigned, Cambridge Security officers control entry points and patrol the grounds with vigilance and courtesy. Drawing on their experience and on their knowledge of the community, they document every incident and irregularity and report it to our 24-hour National Command Center, through which the officers and their supervisors work with the client and local law enforcement (if necessary) to resolve security threats.

Apartments, Condominiums & Co-ops

Cambridge Security takes pride in providing high-level residential security services to condominiums, co-ops, apartments and residential communities. Cambridge Security brings over 25 years of expertise offering such services as physical security, concierge, mobile patrols, emergency response units and alarm responses. Our executive staff works closely with the property managers and board of directors to establish a plan for the needs of each individual property. Cambridge Security focuses on everyday security issues as well as potential liability issues that may occur. This is why Cambridge Security has established an unprecedented record of excellence in the field of residential security.

Parking Lot Security

Lawyers today can make a career from liability cases based on insufficient security measures in parking lots, mall lots, and parking garages. Cambridge Security assesses your vulnerable areas and makes recommendations for ways to improve those areas. Our officers are equipped with radios and we provide mobile patrols, foot patrols, and bike patrols, providing a rapid response. As part of our daily monitoring routine, we for example compile information such as daily lighting reports, and numbers of customers assisted, and provide copies of all reports to the facilities manager. Additionally we partner with local law enforcement to provide better security services. Make your customers feel safe and they will come back.