Mystery Shopper Program / Integrity Consultants


One of Cambridge Security’s areas of specialty is loss prevention for retailers, which includes a mystery shopper program. We work with retail stores of all sizes, from national retailers to small boutiques, to help identify potential retail store risks that you believe may affect your retail stores. We use Mystery shoppers—also called Integrity Consultants—to help identify these risks. From this evaluation, Cambridge Security will determine whether or not these perceived risks actually do exist. Now you would have the information necessary to address these risk situations.

There is no mystery to what makes Cambridge Security’s Mystery Shopping Program a success! We work closely with executives in charge of merchandising, operations, and asset protection to make sure that everyone understands the purpose of implementing a Mystery Shopping Program, and how their business unit might benefit from the information gathered. Fostering an environment of collaboration, we encourage the sharing of valuable information between the different groups in order to produce the desired outcomes for your business.

Our Mystery Shoppers are well-trained specialists, who have the expertise and industry background necessary to evaluate key performance indicators (KPI) related to customer service, merchandizing, employee performance, and security. This can usually be conducted all in one visit. Too often one department, or another, contracts for the Mystery Shopping service, without consulting other departments, which can lead to missed opportunities and efficiencies.

Consider, for instance, a Mystery Shopper’s report on how consistently and well customers are being greeted when they enter the store. The answer to that question is likely to be of interest to Customer Service (are customers being made to feel welcome), Merchandizing (are they being directed to promotions they may be interested in) and to Loss Prevention. Shoplifters don’t want to be noticed, for example. In most cases, the simple act of greeting a potential shoplifter at the door and asking if he or she needs assistance is all it takes to make that person turn around and go in search of another retailer where it’s easier to blend into the crowd without being noticed.

The same is true in fitting rooms, where a Mystery Shopper can help determine if the fitting rooms are being well maintained, if merchandise is being returned promptly to the selling floor and whether sales associates are adequately monitoring the number of garments customers are bringing into and out of the fitting rooms.

By developing programs that meet multiple needs, managers can make the most cost-effective use of Mystery Shopping, offering the management team the broadest possible understanding of how their stores are being operated. And if the Mystery Shopping takes place on a regular basis, upper management can also see how the service is improving all aspects of the business.

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