Meet Cambridge Security’s Building Security Experts at The South Florida Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt Expo

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Cambridge Security’s team of security experts will be at The South Florida Cooperator’s Condo, HOA, Co-op and Apartment Expo on Thursday, December 11, 2014.

flExpoCondoApt-280Recognized as the leading real estate trade show in South Florida, we’re looking forward to meeting and talking with board and association members from residential communities, commercial and residential property managers, and apartment building owners at this event. If you are coming to the Expo, please drop by our booth. We would be happy to discuss your security challenges and concerns. It’s Booth # 401.

About Our Residential Security Services

Cambridge Security has specialized in providing highly qualified and courteous building security professionals to residential environments for over 25 years. As part of our physical security services, we can provide your residential community with doormen and concierges. For gated communities, we can provide security officers to fulfill a range of duties from manning the guardhouse to patrolling the grounds. We can also supplement our human presence with technology solutions, such as electronic surveillance, biometric readers, and card access. For more information, please visit the Residential Security Services page on our website.

About Our Commercial Building Security Services; Corporate Campus and Parking Lot Security

Commercial real estate property managers and owners need look no further than Cambridge Security for all their property and building security needs. We offer comprehensive solutions for commercial building security, lobby security, and corporate campus and parking lot security. Cambridge Security has worked with building owners, managers, and supervisors since 1984 helping them to maintain a safe and pleasant work environment for their corporate tenants—employees, clients, and other visitors—and service providers. From the reception area to the executive suite, our security officers ensure that the people within your building’s community feel secure enough to do their jobs and that visitors receive the appropriate blend of courtesy and screening. For more information, please visit the Commercial Real Estate Security Services page on our website.

The South Florida Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt Expo will be held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. For more information on the expo, please visit:

Newsletter: Issue 10 / December 2014

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Ethan_LazarI am delighted to announce that we’ll be launching a new bi-monthly publication in 2015. Cambridge Security Journal will help you stay abreast of the latest and best information in the world of security, both at Cambridge and throughout the industry. We will call on both our own considerable expertise and the thoughts and insights of security experts at federal, state and local levels—all to help you, our clients, enjoy the new year safely and securely.

In the meantime, we wanted to use this final issue of our current newsletter to offer some tips on how to stay safe this holiday season, and to share with you some of the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes to give back to our local community. I hope you enjoy it.

Seasons Greetings from all of us at Cambridge Security.

Ethan Lazar


When a child is desperately ill, parents often travel far from home in search of medical care. Many end up in New York City, and a fortunate few find themselves at MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care in Brooklyn. Medical care comes first, of course, but making the most of precious time is just as important.

MJHS (the Metropolitan Jewish Health System) is a charitable organization that uses its limited funds to provide both medical care and the necessities of life for families in the most trying circumstances. But Erica Rosenbaum, a pediatric social worker at MJHS, knows how important it is to care for families’ other needs as well. There may not be a budget line for final memorable outings, but the photos and memories of such outings bring a solace bereft families can treasure for the rest of their lives.

zooBaco, a six-year-old from Mali who had never been to a zoo, told his dad that he hoped to see one while he was still able to. So Rosenbaum did what she had done many times before: she got on the phone and figured out how to make it happen despite the fact that there was no money for the outing. She found out that admission to the Bronx Zoo was free on Wednesdays, and she located a local photographer who would take photos of Baco and his dad as they enjoyed their day at the zoo.

And then Rosenbaum called Cambridge, which provides security for MJHS. She asked National Account Manager Charles Casale if Cambridge would be willing to provide a car and driver to take Baco and his dad to the zoo that Wednesday. Casale not only agreed, but because the family spoke only French, he arranged for a French-speaking driver to take the group on their outing.

“The driver was wonderful,” says Rosenbaum. “We didn’t know how long we would be at the zoo, so the driver just waited all afternoon until we were ready to leave. Baco’s dad told her “it was the happiest day of our lives.”

This was not the only time Casale and Cambridge have helped out MJHS families, nor will it be the last. Rosenbaum, who recently left MJHS, says, “The first thing I forwarded to the person taking my place was Charlie’s phone number at Cambridge.”


In 2007 a new kind of prep school opened in Newark. Located in the inner city, it offered neighborhood kids a combination of academic rigor and real-world work experience. With the help of Cambridge and other area companies, the school is achieving remarkable results.

Like the other 27 schools in the nationwide Cristo Rey Network, Newark’s Christ the King Preparatory School is based on a model first conceived by Father John P. Foley, S.J. in a Chicago neighborhood nearly 30 years ago. A great deal is expected of everyone involved—students, parents, faculty, staff and corporate partners—but the results more than justify the effort. To date 90% of Cristo Rey students nationally have gone on to college; and for the last 4 years, 100% of the Newark school’s seniors have graduated and been accepted to colleges and universities.

gradsStarting in ninth grade students spend one day each week working as interns at companies like Cambridge that have agreed to help offset the cost of the interns’ education in return for the valuable work the students provide. The interns themselves gain meaningful on-the-job work experience, as well as the self-esteem that comes with helping to earn their own way through school.

Brenda Pescoran, who has been program manager of the Newark work-study program virtually from day one, says that the program is always looking to add companies so that each kid has a chance to work in a field he or she is interested in. As a result, it is not uncommon for companies to hire former interns after they graduate.

The Newark school program recently hired Blanca Pacheco as relationship manager to ensure that interns are giving all they’ve got to their jobs and getting all they need from the experience. She was delighted to hear recently from John McGee, director of marketing and sales at Cambridge, that the company couldn’t be happier with its current interns.

“They’re helping us and we’re helping them, and the school is helping all of us,” says McGee.

If you would like more information about Christ the King Prep’s innovative Corporate Work Study Program, please contact Anthony Caldwell at 973-483-0033, ext. 317.



Whether you’re shopping at the mall or online, getting the house ready for the holidays or traveling to see friends and family, you’ve got enough to do without also worrying about how to keep everyone safe. Here are 15 tips that will help you relax and enjoy the festivities.


When you’re out shopping with kids:
1. Teach them to stay close at all times, and agree on a rendezvous site if you become separated.
2. Make sure younger children know their full name, address and phone number, and who they can safely ask for help if they lose sight of you.
3. Don’t allow kids to go to a public restroom without an adult.
4. Make sure children know to always tell you if a stranger is bothering them in any way.

When you’re shopping online:
5. Make sure your web browser is secure. The Department of Homeland Security offers clear, detailed instructions about how to configure your browser for maximum security.
6. Never enter sensitive or financial information on websites unless you know they’re secure.
7. Use passwords that are easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. Mix together upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, using things only you know and can easily remember (“Cindy will be three next July” can become: Cwb3in7/15!).
8. Update software promptly (updates often include security features).

When you’re decorating your home:
9. The Tree — Hang breakable tree ornaments out of kids’ reach; keep the tree well watered; and check any lights you hang for exposed or frayed wires and loose connections.
10. Candles — Keep holiday candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn, and don’t forget to blow them out when you leave the room and before you go to sleep.
11. Plants — Some holiday plants are dangerous to children and/or pets. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common:


To reach your local poison center, anywhere in the country, call 1-800-222-1222.

If you’re traveling by car over the holidays
12. Always park in a well-lit area, and avoid parking next to vehicles with tinted windows.
13. Park as close as you can to your destination and take note of where you parked.
14. Do not leave packages or valuables where they can be seen in your car.
15. Be sure to locate your keys prior to returning to your car, and don’t approach your car alone if there are suspicious people in the area.




From our archives: No time of year is more critical to retailers than the holidays; but the coming month can also mean unmanageable crowds, short tempers and shoplifters. To help you ensure a safe and successful season, we’d like to share security tips in three critical areas: Crowd Management; Pre-Event Training; and Systems Checks.

Crowd Management. It’s not just the big-box retailers who have to worry about crowds. Stores of all kinds can be quickly overwhelmed by shoppers if retailers are not properly prepared.

  • Set up physical barriers – wood horses, traffic cones and rope stanchions – to organize the flow of customers into your store. And be sure to have a designated person stationed outside to let waiting customers know exactly how many people will be allowed to enter at a time and at what intervals. Physical barriers are only effective if they are accompanied by clear instructions from someone in a position of authority.
  • Analyze which departments are likely to attract the most customers, so you can develop ways to route patrons safely and efficiently where they want to go (clear signage and well-trained personnel can go a long way).

Pre-Event Training. The holiday shopping season presents your staff with unique challenges. Employees and customers both benefit when store personnel are well prepared.

  • At the exits: establish clear procedures for checking receipts and for deactivating sensormatic tags that have been mistakenly left active.
  • Train all employees – full-time, part-time and temporary – in your store’s policies and procedures, including how to handle potentially challenging situations.
  • Just as important, make sure store personnel know how to recognize when they need help and how to get the help they need quickly.
  • Be sure that Loss Prevention staff are fully trained and prepared for the extra demands they are likely to face.
  • If you think you may need to supplement your own Loss Prevention staff, contract a professional security service well ahead of time. This will allow the additional personnel to be fully trained in your policies and procedures.

Systems Checks. There is no good time for a false alarm, but the peak of the holiday season is probably the worst. And it’s certainly no time for the failure of safety and security systems to endanger people or property.

  • Be sure to check and test all security and safety equipment well in advance, so you have time to take care of any problems.
  • All exits should be checked both for security and for easy access in the event of an emergency.
For information about how Cambridge’s Emergency Security Services can help you fill any security gaps during the holiday season, click here or call 1-866-645-1682.

Retailers, Fill in Your Security Gaps with Our Emergency Security Services This Holiday Shopping Season

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Cambridge Security Services, a leading retail security company, offers a range of emergency security services, including security guards for hire on a temporary basis, to retailers nationwide. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to put us on speed dial.

Cambridge Security has been serving the retail industry for more than 30 years, and we know that the busiest period in the retail calendar can test anyone’s patience. At a time when your organization should be focused on sales, unforeseen security emergencies can be a cause of distraction and disruption. We can fill in the gaps in your physical security, with well-trained professional security officers who have experience in the retail industry. We can also provide support for major shopping events like Black Friday, with its ever-widening run-up sales on Thanksgiving evening. Whether you require additional security at your store locations, or in your distribution centers and warehouses, one call to Cambridge Security will bring the extra security that you need, day or night.

Emergency Preparedness and Readiness Programs are often tested during the holiday season as well. Retailers need to be prepared for circumstances beyond their control, such as major weather events, or homeland security threats. We can work with you to minimize potential retail loss and address all of your security concerns. Our world-class security consultants are here to help you navigate this complex situation.

Read more about our Emergency Security Services.

About Our Experience in Retail Security
Since 1984, Cambridge Security Services has been providing quality security services. We are recognized in security and business circles as a significant and professional security firm with a reputation for excellence. Our extensive National Network consists of over 3,500 police officers and 250 security companies, trained and instructed to provide the quality service that Cambridge Security demands.

Working with a number of national retail chains, Cambridge Security has experience in every aspect of retail security, with a focus on retail loss prevention. To read more about the services that we provide, please click here to visit the retail security section of our website.

These retail security services include:

  • Physical Security
  • Armed Security Escorts
  • Verified Alarm Response
  • Mystery Shopper Program
  • Distribution Centers
  • Anti-piracy

For more information, please call the Cambridge Security Business Development Team at 1-866-645-1682.


Cambridge Security Pays Special Tribute to Veterans, Veterans Day, November 11

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We thank all veterans for their service to our nation, and for their sacrifice on our behalf.

Cambridge Security has signed a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve, and has been recognized by the New Jersey Veterans Association for being one of the largest employers to hire veterans in NJ. Our experience with veterans has been excellent. Being military-trained, their skills are often a perfect fit for a security firm. But, it’s more than that. It’s about character and attitude. They have the attributes that we look for when we recruit employees: leadership, decisiveness, honesty, reliability, respect, professionalism, and the ability to work as a team.

We are honored to be a leading employer of American veterans.


Meet Cambridge Security’s Loss Prevention Experts at NJ Food Council’s 2014 Northeast Regional Conference on Loss Prevention

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Cambridge Security’s Loss Prevention Security Experts will be at the NJ Food Council’s 2014 Northeast Regional Conference on Loss Prevention on Tuesday, October 28. The conference is to be held at the Forsgate Country Club In Monroe Township, NJ, from 9 am to 3 pm. We will have members of our executive team at our booth, ready to talk to you about LP issues in the industry (both wholesale and retail) and how to prevent inventory loss throughout the supply chain, including at manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, inter-modal transportation, and retail locations (supermarkets, restaurants, and specialty stores).

David Malefsky, Senior Vice President at Cambridge Security, leads Cambridge Security’s Loss Prevention Services . With more than 25 years of experience in the security industry and a focus on loss prevention, Dave and his team of security professionals have the expertise and knowledge necessary to evaluate your security risk and make recommendations that will help to reduce theft in all areas of your operations. Cambridge Security has a reputation for providing security services of the highest standard at a competitive price. Our security guards are well-trained and experienced. To learn more about Cambridge Security—including our National Command Center, a state-of-the-art communications hub, and National Network, which consists of more than 3,500 police officers and 250 security firms nationwide—please visit our Advantages page. You will find us to be an excellent choice for all your security needs.

If you are unable to attend the NJ Food Council’s 2014 Northeast Regional Conference on Loss Prevention, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our business development team would be happy to discuss your LP security issues and to provide you with a free site analysis. Call 866-645-1682 to set up a meeting.


Cambridge Security at BizBash Live: The Expo New York, Oct 28, 2014, Booth #441

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As a premier provider of event security services to organizations throughout New York and New Jersey, we’re delighted to be an exhibitor and sponsor of Biz Bash Live: The Expo New York . This one-day trade show, which attracts event organizers from across the region, will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Center on October 28, 2014 from 9 am to 5 pm.

If you’re an event organizer or planner and are attending the show, please drop by our booth — it’s #441! We will have a team of event security experts available and ready to meet you. With more than 25 years of experience and a track record of success, we’re an excellent choice for all of your event security needs.

Cambridge Security’s event security services include: professional security personnel, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events; and for smaller-scale gatherings such as shareholder meetings and conferences. Most recently, some of our major events have included: Super Bowl 48, with more than 200 security officers covering four days of activities in New York City, in addition to securing the hotels where the players stayed; the 8th Annual Concours d’ Elegance in Boca Raton, Florida; and home games for Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football Team at High Point Solutions Stadium.

For more information on BizBash Live: The Expo New York, visit

Can’t make it to BizBash Live? Call our Business Development Team at 866- 645-1682, or look at the Event Security page on our website for detailed more information on our event security services.

Visit Cambridge Security at the NJSNA/IFN Nursing Convention, Oct 1-2, Booth #123

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We’re at the NJSNA/IFN Nursing Convention in Atlantic City, NJ today and tomorrow. We are excited to be part of this event, and pleased to be able to share information about the security services that Cambridge Security provides to the Healthcare Industry, especially through our Clinician Escort Program for visiting nurses. If you are at the convention, drop by our booth #123 and say hello!

Join Cambridge Security at the 2014 NRF Loss Prevention Conference, June 11-12, Ft Lauderdale

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We’ll be at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO on June 11th and 12th at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Stop by our booth and say hello! We’re #1838 and are located next to the Food Court.

The NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO is the nation’s leading retail-specific event for professionals specializing in loss prevention, asset protection, and risk management. This annual event offers retail LP professionals 2 and 1/2 days of top-notch educational sessions, numerous networking opportunities, and an EXPO Hall full of cutting-edge technology and solutions. To learn more about the conference, please visit the event website at

We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, but would like to meet with us to discuss Retail Loss Prevention, please contact David Malefsky, Senior Vice President at 888-645-1682.