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Cambridge Security on Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw

Cambridge's extensive national network, state-of-the-art technology, and highly qualified people are at the heart of a segment, which aired on Viewpoint with Terry Bradshaw. Click here to view...


Statement of Support for
the Guard and Reserve

It is with pleasure and pride that Cambridge Security President, Stanley Czwakiel, signed this statement of support for the Guard and Reserve.

“Whenever we need their help,” Czwakiel said, “the men and women who voluntarily serve in the Guard and Reserve are there for us.  And we want them to know that we are there for them, too – not just in spirit but in practical terms, by hiring veterans and making the best possible use of the high values and unique skills they bring to our organization.” Additionally, Cambridge Security has been recognized by the New Jersey Veterans Association for being one of NJ's largest employers to hire veterans.


Allianz Championship

Cambridge Security Services provided security for the Allianz Championship in Boca Raton, Florida in February. The Allianz Championship is an offical PGA Senior Tournament.


Congratulations to Stan Czwakiel

For receiving recognition from WCHR 105.7 for ?his participation in the South Jersey Community ?Missing Children Campaign. He received the ?Pillar of Strength Award for his contribution to ?positive community broadcasting.

Your Company's Emergency Plan May Be A Disaster

If companies across our country took the time to thoroughly evaluate their infrastructure and existing disaster plans, most would realize that they are unprepared for a major disruption to their business, security and communications systems. In fact, most firms would realize their current contingency plans are grossly inadequate and, in some cases, non-existent. For a short period of time following the events of September 11, 2001, security, back up and preparedness procedures became a priority. But as time has passed, people have been lulled into a sense of security and normalcy and therefore have become less vigilant about this matters. »Read full article